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Ala Palamea Creative Arts Studio nestles itself on a half acre of land near the Makaleha Mountains in Kapa‘a, Kauai. It is an enchanted space surrounded by trees, gardens, bird song and a pristine river flowing at the feet of the studio. Inside includes everything one needs to carry out creative visions; paints, pastels, collage library, clay, mosaics, papers, fabrics and a myriad of unique found objects to name only a few. Large tables and workbenches invite people to spread out while music accompanies you into your creating. A library of books on art and crafts are available to inspire and inform.

The studio is a space to bring creativity alive in the community. It is a safe space to see private clients, a magical environment for creative classes and a place for others to get their feet wet leading something they feel passionate about.


“It was fascinating for me to watch myself in your studio, being guided, surrounded by different materials that I myself had not stocked my shelves with. Your studio had such a comforting, welcoming vibe. It seemed to pull all of these fuzzy memories of the favorite places I made art though my childhood. I felt safe and uninhibited by my own self consciousness of creations that may or may not flow through my fingers. As I sat on the stool, time itself had become obsolete as I found moments I could have just as easily been five instead of 30. I drove home observing the difference of my energy from the journey just 3 hours prior. And yet again, magic- I am at a loss for any other word.”
Kirsten Jackson — Artist