Form Drawing Welcome


Practical Information:


Please bring your create yourself awake journal to class. After all it

is simply a continuation of what we have already begun, or purchase a

journal/sketch book for our six months together. 8 1/2′′ x 11′′ with

blank pages. Please NO LINES. It can be spiral bound or not. Your

choice. Ace Ben Franklin carries them in Lihue. They are called sketch

books not journals at the store. Hard covers are best.


Thursday Evenings. Class starts on Sept. 7, 2017 and

continues through December 16, 2017. Class time is from 6-8 p.m.

Each class meets the same day and time for three months.


6612 Kahuna Rd. Kapa’a. Please note that it is no longer

possible for people to park on the bridge. I’m now having people park a

few driveways down from my house. I will show people where this is on

the first night of class. It is advisable to bring a flash light and umbrella

for the very short walk from my studio to your car.


To ring me at anytime for any reason regarding the

course and our time together. 808-346-5967.

We are all creative in our lives! Creativity has nothing to do with being a classical

artist and everything to do with being human.”

Many blessings and I very much look forward to our time together.