There’s a chamber of creative expression in every human being that when set in motion awakens our infinite wellspring of inspiration, intuition and wisdom.

woman on mountain top


Decide and Arrive

We are all creative in our lives! Creativity has nothing to do with being a classical artist and everything to do with being human.

Create Yourself Awake is a six-month immersion course into the heart of creativity. An art studio environment will be provided that supports a merging with the creative arts and all it’s mediums. A safe and nurturing group experience will invite stretching beyond what you know of yourself. An experienced Creative Arts Therapist will facilitate the profound unfolding of your intrinsic wisdom as you dive deeply into the world of the visual arts. Together we’ll navigate the territory of creativity, art and imagination as you blossom into your fullest potential.



By saying yes to this creative immersion you will:

  • Engage with the arts and awaken a sensory relationship with the world around you.
  • Discover and develop a non-verbal communication with yourself by fostering a relationship with the creative arts.
  • Kindle a relationship between the arts and the world of metaphor and symbolism.
  • Imbue the material world with the spirit of creativity and arrive at a profound and meaningful beauty relationship with life.


Both artist and non-artist are equally welcome to Create Yourself Awake. Artistic experience is not required to join this venture. I ask that you simply arrive with a willingness to listen and respond to the infinite well of creativity living within you. I also invite the richness of familiarity and skill that accompanies the experienced artist. This course will deepen and expand what you know of yourself regardless of your previous orientation to the artistic world.