CYA Expansion Course

Please join me in expanding our experience from Create Yourself Awake. The table was laid. Now let us break bread and chew the fruits of that six months by going a step deeper into the world of creativity and personal inquiry. The primary focus during this extension course is to invite you into a creative project of your choice. You’ll be asked to choose something personal in your life to inquire into, deepen your understanding of and respond artistically to. As a culmination each student will present his or her findings in a multi-media fashion to the group. You will be companioned creatively, gently and clearly throughout your personal inquiry. Like in Create Yourself Awake we’ll open each class with form drawing (diving into more involved forms and working them to mastery), speech-work, movement and or singing together.



I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken the three-month extension. CYA was amazing in itself, and if I could I would make this a regular weekly part of my life. The Extension gave me the opportunity to dive into an even deeper aspect of myself that I only touched the surface of during CYA. I picked one project and spent focused quiet time and energy allowing it/me to surface in the form of a vision I had but didn’t know was possible until I formed it. This revealing to myself catapulted my confidence in my physical being in this world to greater levels; opening doors that I didn’t even know ere possible. Kim Murriera works magic. It is as if she were the hand of the Goddess forming me, as I was forming my clay horse reading my book; all gentle, kind, and easy beyond comprehension. I have endless gratitude for this experience.

Eva Jo Hallvik



Tuesday evenings Oct. 3rd – Dec. 19th A three month journey.

My studio

6-9 p.m.


150.00 per month

Total cost $525.00 which includes supply/deposit fee plus course tuition.